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I particularly liked the part where the persona sets up the flowers and "searches" this clip on newgrounds... I found the phrase "I travelled around the world etc... but all I wanted was you" or something to that effect quite touching...

I must say however that I was apalled when the guy decided to kill himself... No problem could be solved by killing oneself...

Good submission all in all though...


I must say I found it horrifying, at the same time, slightly humorous...

This story could very well been a O. Henry...


Emotionally appealing

I found this to be very emotional. As a dog-owner and a dog-lover as well, I have experienced this. And true enough, it made me cry when my own dog died.

This is a GREAT animation!!! Simple graphics yet it just hits you to the core...

Great job... keep it up... and thanks

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This game was very good. I especially liked the fact that you gave a link in-game to download it if the internet gets laggy. I am on the process of completing my guitar collection, I already have Trip, Dusty, Melody Divine, Viayla and Demonstring. But, I do not know what I'm supposed to do to get the butterfingers guitar. A little help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks

Give the guy a break

Oh come on, he tried, what these reviews are for you to build constructive criticism for the author so that you could help the author in the next project.

Nice music

I agree with the previous review that the music was awesome. No, it was GREAT!!! Anyway, despite the fact that I died on my first try on the very first mission, I would still say that it was too easy. I learned that I can hold the "a" key and just run around killing enemies.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah, the damn "a" key again. The main thought I had while making this game was not to make it too hard, but I guess I made it a bit too easy, or rather a bit too unbalanced. Well, Im glad you liked the game and hopefully I can improve on the sequel...

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Definitely a chill song!

Classes start next week ( I live in the Philippines) and registration is this week. Usually, registration is a hellish, tiring process that definitely causes stress and anxiety even days before the actual event. This really helps me relax as I bum around my room. HAHA! Great soulful feel! I'm usually a fan of rock and metal songs, but after hearing this song, I'm definitely looking for more of these! Great, great song! :)

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